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Enjoy The Feature Deals and Save Up To 40% Off →

Handy Food Thermometer IHT-2XP

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INKBIRD IHT-2XP is an instant-read meat thermometer designed with two sockets for external probes and supports auto-sleep function, temperature alarms and temperature calibration. It's ideal for detecting temperatures of cooking meat, fish, soups and etc.

Style: IHT-2XP3
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Main Features

Instant Read & High Accuracy: IHT-2XP supports measuring a meat temperature from -50℃ to 300℃ (-58℉ to 572℉). It only takes 2 seconds to read out the meat temperature with a deviation of around ±0.5℃/±1.0℉. It brings out the best in cooking for every event and occasion, especially in the kitchen and BBQ.

Three-Probe Design: In addition to the built-in probe, INKBIRD IHT-2XP is designed with two sockets for external probes. Therefore, up to three probes can be used simultaneously when cooking. The foldable probe has an unfold-to-open function, which is convenient to use.

No More Overcooking: IHT-2XP will alarm us when the food is done cooking. We can customize the desired temperature and leave it for another errand. When we come back, the meat is ready. We can take its temperature reference table of meat and taste for reference or make them customized based on our favors.

Practical & Powerful: IHT-2XP features a portable and compact body with a hold function for easy viewing, °C/ºF selection for all needs, temperature calibration for accurate measurements, and an auto-sleep function to reduce power loss.

Save Power, Save Money: IHT-2XP has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be quickly charged within an hour, helping us save cost on battery replacement. It can sustain for more than 15 days in normal use.

Easy-reading View & Easy Storage: For ease of use and storage, IHT-2XP has a magnet embedded in the back so we can stick it to the fridge or oven. Thanks to the large LCD screen with a bright backlight, we can read all temperatures clearly, even in the dark.


Practical 3 In 1 Three Probes

The original folding probe starts to read temperature immediately after unfolding, and the newly added detachable wired probe length is 59 inches, it’s available to use up to 3 probes simultaneously while cooking.

Instant Read & Accurate

The 3 in 1 instant read themometer with one 5.9 inch external probe provides as fast as 2 seconds responding time and high accuracy of ±1.0℉/±0.5℃ degree,that helps to cook your meats, deep fried foods, candy, soups, beverages, baked bread perfectly!

Calibration Function

The cooking themometer temperature range is -58℉~572℉/ -50℃~300℃ with calibration function, which calibration range is -9.9℉~9.9℉/—4.9℃~4.9℃, can adjust and restore your instant-reading thermometer to the correct accuracy, making it more durable.

Alarm Function

In addition to the internal probe can set the alarm temperature, the external probe can also set the high and low temperature alarms.the pen thermometer will alarm you with a “bi-bi-bi” sound repeating at an interval of 2 seconds. And the backlight will keep active for 30 seconds unless you press any button to stop it.

Auto ON / OFF

Automatic switch-on and switch-off when opening / folding the probe or switch-off after 3 minutes if no operation is performed.

Large & Clear Screen

Coming with a large backlight display, the food thermometer presents clear readings anywhere.
No matter in a poorly lighted kitchen or outdoors of too much light, you can see the temp clearly.

Reading Data Holding &Switchable ℉/℃

Press the HOLD button to lock the current temp reading when probe is removed from food.Press the ℉/℃ button to switch the temperature between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Convenient to Store

This instant meat thermometer has a internal magnet and large hang hole, it can be attached to a metal surface such as a refrigerator / oven. A large hanging hole makes it easy to hang on the kitchen hooks. Convenient storage any space, you can find it easily and quickly, it can be completely invisible in every corner of the kitchen.



Battery Capacity


Readout Time

2 seconds

Measurement Range






Product Warranty

2 Years

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