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Enjoy The Feature Deals and Save Up To 40% Off →

CO₂ Controller ICC-500T With S01 Sensor

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INKBIRD ICC-500T is a programmable CO₂ temperature controller with double outlets, calibration, alarms and digital displays.
S01 Sensor widely applied in ventilation system, building control and HVAC equipment.

Size: US Socket
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Main Features of ICC-500T CO₂ controller with S01 sensor

    Double relays: INKBIRD ICC-500T is equipped with two relays WORK 1 and WORK 2. WORK 1 is for CO₂ regulator or generator, while WORK2 is for exhaust fan.

    CO₂ calibration: INKBIRD ICC-500T supports CO₂ calibration for more precise CO₂ setting, monitoring, and controlling.

    CO₂ concentration alarm: INKBIRD ICC-500T is programmable for CO₂ concentration alarms, which will be triggered once the CO₂ concentration reaches the set high/low values for safe and more efficiency.

    Dual display screen: it has one dual display screen to display its display measured CO₂ and set CO₂ values simultaneously, much easier for CO₂ monitoring.

    Out-of-the-box: INKBIRD ICC-500T is designed for out-of-the-box and plug-and-play, easy to use, easy to move, and easy to store. Widely applied in the ventilation systems, building control, and HVAC equipment.

    Reliable: CE&FCC certificated, reliable for use.

    The difference between the S01 and B01 sensor version

    Multiple uses

    Plug the CO₂ Controller and the sensor

    When the CO₂ sensor is inserted, the controller will take about 8 seconds to identify. Then the PV window will display 8888 and blink, the SV window will display the CO₂ concentration setting.

    Waiting for about 120 seconds

    After 120 seconds, CO₂ module works stably, and the PV window stops blinking and displays the measured CO₂ concentration. Within 120 seconds, the buttons cannot be operated , the indicators of WORK1 and WORK2 are off, and the WORK1 and WORK2 have no output.

    Plug your devices into the socket of ICC-500T

    The controller will automatically identify and convert the CO₂ regulator or generator and the exhaust fan. WORK1 is the output of the CO₂ regulator or generator, and the WORK1 indicator is the WORK1 output status indicator. WORK2 is the output of the exhaust fan, and the WORK2 indicator is the WORK2 output status indicator.WORK1 Only for the CO₂ regulator or generator, WORK2 Only for the exhaust fan.

    Follow the instructions to finish the setting

    There are three modes can be set, for more information about setting, please refer to the user manual on the listing page.

    Input Power

    100~240Vac 50/60Hz 10A MAX

    Output Power

    100~240Vac 50/60Hz 10A MAX (two sockets)

    Disconnection Method

    Type 1B

    Pollution Degree


    Rated Impulse Voltage


    Automatic Operation

    6000 cycles

    Working Ambient Environment

    room temperature

    Storage Ambient Temperature


    Storage Ambient Humidity

    20~80%RH (No freezing or condensation)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Beat Stuber

    Nice Product but I miss Wifi. It would be great to have it as well as other INKBIRD tools


    5 stars, fast shipping and delivering. Had it in the same week from China to Canada.