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Get The Spring Sale 20% Off With The Code Spring23 →

INKBIRD Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier, 4 Liter Dry Burning-Resistant Fogger

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【4L Water Capacity & Max Fog Output】The reptile humidifier is equipped with a 4-Liter water tank, with adjustable fog output of up to 380ml per hour.
【Dry-out Protection】The reptile fogger will stop working when it runs out of the water(detected by a white buoy), and the indicator light will turn red.
【Extendable Hose】An extendable hose, from 25.2 inches~68.5 inches, and 2 suction cups, are come together with this Humidifier.
【Anti-leaking Design】The water tank of the humidifier is detachable and would not leak when it is departed.
【Note】 The White Circle Buoy is a dry-out protection fitting for the humidifier, the humidifier will not work if the white buoy is not being installed.


Do not use extremely cold water or water over 40°C as it may damage the humidifier.

The humidifier can be used continuously for 7-12 hours after being filled with water.

We recommend USE PURE WATER.

Basic Operations

1. Place the humidifier on a appropriate surface.

2. Fill the water tank with clean water(See Filling The Water Tank below for more details).

3. Plug in the humidifier to a 110-220V power source.

4. Rotate the Fog Volume Regulator to turn on the humidifier and adjust the mist level,

the indicator light will turn green when the humidifier is powered on.

5. The indicator light will turn red if the tank is out of water.

Large Capacity Design

Avoid frequent addition of water, the filling can produce mist and moisturizing for a long time. The water tank needs to reserve some space and cannot be filled too much.

Rotary Adjustment Button Control

Easily adjust the humidity, keeping comfortable humidity to prevent reptile dehydration, dead tail, swelling, lack of energy, etc.

Quiet & Peaceful Running

The operating sound of Inkbird Reptile Humidifier is less or equal to 35 db, just like a slight wind, it will not bother your baby reptile if she is resting.

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