Inkbird IBS-P01R Wireless Indoor & Outdoor Floating Pool Thermometer for Bath Water, Spas, Aquariums

by Inkbird

Wireless Connection: The maximum connection distance is 300 feet. You can check temperature readings with the receiver without going outside the room.

Accurate Reading: Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

Premium quality: The thermometer has adopted high quality materials, it is solid and durable.

Multiple Uses: The IPX7 waterproof thermometer is ideal for Indoor&Outdoor use like swimming pools, Fish Ponds, aquariums, baby bath, spas etc. Ranges from -40℃~70℃(-40℉~158℉).

12 Months Warranty: Inkbird provides 12 months warranty for all customers. Please feel free to contact us if you need help about the product, we will reply as possible as we can.


●Battery: 2*AAA 1. 5V (Temperature and humidity monitor, 2*AA 1. 5v(Wireless remote sensor)
●433Mhz Transmission Frequency
●Transmission distance: up to 300 ft in open space,if there is interference, the transmission distance will be limited
●Wireless remote sensor supports up to three channels and waterproof function (IPX7)
●Temperature and humidity monitor temperature measurement range:-40℃c~60℃(-40F~140°F)
● Temperature measurement accuracy:±1.0℃(±1.8°F)
Temperature display accuracy: 0.1C(0.1F)
● Humidity measurement range: 10%-99%
● Humidity measurement accuracy:±5%
● Humidity display accuracy:1%
● Wireless remote sensor temperature measurement range:40℃~70℃(-40°F~158°F)
● Wireless remote sensor temperature measurement accuracy:±1℃(±1.8°F)
● Wireless remote sensor temperature display accuracy:0.1℃(0.1°F)
● Temperature sampling period: 10 seconds
● Exceed the range will display " HH.H" LL.L"
● Warranty:1year

Other Version:Normal Version, Bluetooth Version

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