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BBQGO Meat BBQ Thermometer Probe Clip Holder for Thermopro/ Maverick/ MeasuPro/ Weber iGrill

by Inkbird

CLIPS for Inkbird IBT-2X, IBT-6X, IBT-4XS, IRF-2S Food Cooking Temperature thermometer BBQ ONLY CLIPS

 BBQGO Universal Meat BBQ Thermometer Probe Clip Holder for Thermopro/ Maverick/ MeasuPro/ Weber iGrill Ambient Temperature Readings APP Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer Smoker Grills Oven

Bullet Point:
1.[One year warranty] Essential accessories for Smoker, BBQ, Oven, Grill, Instant Read/ Wifi/ Bluetooth/ Wireless thermometer.

2.[Universal for most brand's probe & thermometers] Such as Thermopro, Maverick, MeasuPro, iGrill

3.[Prevent under or over cooking foods] The clip hold the probe level steady & accurate

4.[Three Hole Sizes] – 0.12in/2.8mm, 0.16in/4.0mm 0.18in/4.5mm Eg:0.16in/4.0mm suitable for Thermopro TP11 TP12 TP16 TP17 TP08 TP20 probes

5.[stainless steel material] It’s very flexible and easy to use & clean.

A stainless steel bbq thermometer probe clip with three different hole sizes is suit for most probes. The clip can help to get a more accurate reading temperature.

Since the temperature in a smoker can vary by area, it's important to know the different temperature of the area in the smoker. The clip will help you fix the probe to monitor the food temperature in a better way. Which can ensure a delicious and efficient cooking.

Hole size:
Small size: 0.11 in /2.8mm 
Medium size: 0.16 in /4mm for all Inkbird’s probe /Thermopro
Large size: 0.18 in / 4.5mm for Maverick ET732/ Weber iGrill 
Work for Inkbird IBT-4XS/IBT-6X/IRF-2S/IBT-2X, Thermopro TP04 TP06 TP07 TP08
TP09B TP10 TP11 TP12 TP16 TP17 TP20, Maverick ET732/733/735/737 Cappec KTH01 /KTH05 KTH06 /BTH01 probe
Why you guys need it?
It can fix probe position and increase the accuracy of temperature reading
It can monitor different area temperature of food or ambient
It has multipurpose (hold K-sensor thermocouple) and matches most brand’s probe

Package include:
2x clips / 3x clips

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