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Get The Spring Sale 20% Off With The Code Spring23 →

Wi-Fi Reptile Thermostat IPT-2CH

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INKBIRD IPT-2CH is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use heating mat controller supporting phone monitoring via 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connections, high-and-low temperature alarms, temperature calibration and probe abnormal alarm. It’s an ideal temperature controller for reptiles and germination.

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WiFi Reptile Thermostat

Remote Control via Wi-Fi: INKBIRD IPT-2CH is equipped with a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi module, enabling us to control and monitor the heating processes by our phone via Wi-Fi connections wherever we are. We can also check all temperature records and export the data from the app.

Dual Heating, Dual Control: IPT-2CH is designed with two heating outlets that work independently, so we can concurrently control the temperatures of two terrariums and constantly provide even warmth to our pets.

High-and-Low Temp Alarm: Featuring alarm functions, IPT-2CH can alert us when the detected temperature is beyond our desired range, enabling us to take preventative actions to protect our pets.IPT-2CH will get alarmed if its probe is installed incorrectly, which is safer and more reliable.

Not Only for Reptiles: IPC-2CH can be used with heating mats, heating lamps, or other heaters, affording a constant, warm environment for reptiles, seedling germination, plant rooting, home brewing, fermentation and etc.

Optimal Temperature Range: IPT-2CH supports a temperature control range from 0℃ to 45℃ (32.0℉~113℉), which is the universal temperature range that reptiles require. With two premium detecting probes, we can always get accurate temperature values and ensure an optimal living environment for our pets.

1 IPT-2CH = 2 other temperature controllers + WiFi

Outlet 1 pairs probe 1, controlling one heat mat, while outlet 2 pairs probe 2, controlling another heat mat.


  • Free IOS and Android APP (INKBIRD) to monitor temperatureat any time.
  • Plug-n-Play, easy to use.
  • Supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit units.
  • LCD display, displays the testing temperature, the target temperature and the output state.
  • Supports temperature calibration.
  • High/Low temperature alarm.
  • Probe abnormal alarm.

Please follow the steps to pair the Reptiles Heat Mat Thermostat with your phone.

WiFi Reptile Thermostat Temperature Controller

Multiple Use

Review Video:

Dual relay control

Controls two sets of outputs. Users can set different target temperatures according to different environments.

Easy to place

There is a suction cup for the probe which is allowed to place the probe more stable. The controller can be placed wherever you want with a nail.

Measuring Range

Temperature control range: 0.0℃~45.0℃/ 32.0℉~113℉
Temperature measurement range: -5.0℃~50.0℃/ 23.0℉~122℉
Temperature display accuracy: 0.1℃/℉ (T <100℃/℉), 1℃/℉ (> = 100℃/℉)
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±1℃/±2℉


Can be used for seedling germination, rooting, home brewing, heating, fermentation, and fermentation to provide a constant custom temperature, keeping your various environments in ideal temperature range.


100~240Vac 50/60Hz


100~240Vac 50/60Hz 500W Max (each 250W)

Probe Type

R25℃=10KΩ±1% R0℃=26.74~27.83KΩ B25/85℃=3435K±1%

Temperature Control Range


Temperature Measurement Range

-5.0℃~50.0℃ /23.0℉~122℉

Temperature Display Accuracy

0.1℃/℉ (T<100℃/℉), 1℃/℉ (≥100℃/℉)

Temperature Measurement Accuracy


Temperature Unit

Celsius ℃ or Fahrenheit ℉

Operating Ambient Temperature


Storage Environment

Storage Environment

-temperature range


-humidity range

20~80%RH (not frozen or condensation)

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