Inkbird ITH-20 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Temperature Humidity Gauge Monitor

by Inkbird

ITH-20 Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer is very convenient unit that can simultaneous display of temperature and humidity, both back holder and hanging design. 

It can memorize maximum and minimum values of temperature and humidity and switch between °C and °F mode. Suitable for household, guitar case, green house, office, labs and etc.

【Instant Reading, Max & Min Records】Read instant , Max and Min temperature & humidity, shown on the same screen. Read it at any time.
【Air Quality】Three degrees for air quality -- DRY/COMFORT/WET, work for Indoor/Outdoor.
【Easy to Use】3 buttons on the back, °F/°C switching, CLEAR(Used to clear the maximum and minimum record values of temperature and humidity), LCD ON/OFF.
【Delicate Design】2.8inch, both holder & hanging design. Powered by 2xAAA (excluded) low power consumption.

Dimensions: 64mm x 75mm x 20mm
Weight: 47g
Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries Real-time temperature and humidity display, MAX/MIN displays on the same screen
Temperature Measurement Range: -10°C~50°C (14°F~122°F)
Humidity Measurement Range: 10%~99%
Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±1.0°C
Humidity Measurement Accuracy: ±5%
Humidity Display Accuracy: 1%
Temperature and Humidity Sampling Period: 10 seconds
Out of Range Display: “HH.H” or “LL.L”
Sensor Error display: ”-- -- .--”
LCD: can be turned off
Warranty: 1 year

Degree of Comfort:
(DRY): Relative humidity below 40% RH at any temperature
(COMFORT): The temperature range is 20°C~30°C/ 68°F~86°F, the relative humidity is (40~70 )% RH
(WET): Relative humidity above 70% RH at any temperature

Package Included:
1 x ITH-20
1 x Manual

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