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Temperature Controller ITC-308

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INKBIRD ITC-308 is out-of-the-box, safe and reliable with temperature calibration, independent setting for refrigeration and heating, over-temperature protection and automatic temperature control system for more accurate temperature control. With output power of 1,100W(110V) /2,000W(220V), it can be used for most applications such as #homebrew, #aquarium, #petbreeding, #incubation, #seedling, #terrestrialheating, #fermentation, #germination and etc.

Plug type: US Socket
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INKBIRD Temperature Controller ITC-308

Temperature calibration: INKBIRD ITC-308 supports temperature calibration for more precise temperature setting, monitoring, and controlling, offering more security for monitored objects;

Compressor delay protection: its compressor delay can help us protect our refrigeration control to improve the device lifetime;

Temperature alarms: INKBIRD ITC-308 supports alarms for continuous heating, high-and-low temperatures, and abnormal probe performance, safer for monitored objects, and better device lifetime.

Dual relay output: INKBIRD ITC-308 controls refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time for higher working efficiency;

Temperatures displayed and set simultaneously: with dual display screens, we can read one temperature and set the other one at the same time, more efficient and convenient;

Heating/Cooling separate settings: Heating and Cooling settings can be made separately to avoid man-made damage caused by violent changes to improve its lifetime;

Out-of-the-box: INKBIRD ITC-308 is designed for out-of-the-box and plug-and-play, easy to use, easy to move, and easy to store.

Temperature Control Mode

On/Off Control, Heating and Cooling

Temperature Control Range

-50~120 °C / -58~248 ° F

Temperature Display Resolution

0.1°C/°F (<100), 1°C/1°F (≥100)

Temperature Accuracy

±1°C/ ±2°F

Ambient Temperature

-30~ 75 °C / -22~ 167 °F

Input Power

100 ~240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Temperature Control Output

Max. 10A, 100V ~240V AC

Input Power Cable Length

1.5m (5ft)

Output Power Cable Length

30cm (1ft)

Buzzer Alarm

High and Low Temperature Alarm, Sensor Fault Alarm, Over-temperature Alarm

Sensor Type

NTC sensor (Including)

Sensor Length

2m / 6.56ft

Relay Capacity

Cooling/ Heating (10A, 100-240VAC)

Storage Temperature

-20~ 60 °C / -4~ 140 °F

Storage Humidity

20~85% (No Condensate)

Dimension Body

140x68x33mm (5.5x2.7x1.3inch)


1 Year

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Darius Harvey
Customer service was great!!

I had a issue with my temp controller. It was past the warranty period but they still are going to send me a new controller which I feel is great. They didn’t have to do it. But I am a good customer as I have bought 10 controllers so far in the past 2 years so it’s good they see a good customer and they can expect a returning customer in me.

Sheri Salomone
I love it!

Works great ! I bought one for my birdcage, it worked so good , I bought two more to control heat and air conditioner at my house (for my dogs) while i am at work.

Tony Carpinteri
No wifi

I thank I made a mistake in my order
I think was wifi built in
Can I send back for one with wifi?

Irene Marks
works well

Separate OFF points would be an improvement.

Benjamin W.
Works great!

Everything fine and easy to configure.
Would buy it again!